Triangle House

A pavilion extension onto the garden with disappearing corner glazing

A small but beautifully formed extension to this substantial family house. The extension takes the form of a pavilion in the garden, extending the kitchen and family space into the rear and creating a connection between the two. The simple stone floor used inside and out also accentuates this.

The extension roof is pitched to follow the form of the existing period house, however this is set mostly behind the parapet so minimally visible externally to keep the extension form simple however is felt internally as the ceiling and rooflights follows these lines. The subtle pitch adds creates an interesting internal space allowing light to penetrate deep into the property.

Clever engineering allows the roof corner to cantilever, which in turn allows the whole glazed corner to slide open and disappear into pocket within the external walls. Brickwork is carefully detailed around the openings to form a continuous band across both the vertical and horizontal surfaces and frame the apertures.