The Green House

Remodel and extension of a dilapidated family house overlooking and adjoining a private garden square

A principal move in the redesign of this house was to replace the existing staircase to open up the raised ground floor and minimise its footprint to free up space throughout the property. With a compact plan, the open staircase on the ground floor significantly increased the size of the space, allowing an appreciation of the full width of the house. The glass partition underneath allows the upper stair flight to float and again adds lightness to the design whilst the stair down to the lower ground floor slides underneath. Natural daylight can also then reach down to the lower ground floor.

The kitchen is located at the front of the house facing onto the street with the more private family dining and seating area to the rear taking advantage of the views and visual connection out onto the rear garden and garden square beyond.

The new staircase was rationalised all the way up, allowing us to create an organic curving form that sweeps up through the house, again maximizing the floor plate on each floor. A large rooflight overhead floods light deep into the house.

On the lower ground floor a rear extension was added and the garden stepped away from the house to allow the room space to breathe and allow more light to enter. A new family room was added as well as a further bedroom suite and utility room.

To both the raised and lower ground floors large areas of glazing were added to create light and bright spaces with strong connections to the gardens. Exposed steelwork is used as a visual tool to frame the views out. The muted green tones of the kitchen joinery also reflect this indoor-outdoor garden feel.