The Artists Studios

Merging of two apartments, into a modern dwelling accentuated by joinery pieces.

By combining two single-bedroom, neighbouring apartments into one, the new dwelling created is one which is bright, modern and calm. The existing apartments felt constricted, with a mezzanine level which introduced visual clutter into the space. The mezzanines were removed, and the two apartments were joined via a large open plan living area; a key space for gathering and living.

This new, open plan room housed various functions - including a kitchen, dining room, living room and office space. These functions were anchored by two large pieces of joinery on either side of the room. On the one side a full-height unit became the backdrop to the dining area and kitchen.

On the opposite, a full-height timber joinery unit tied together the living space and office. A raised floor further define zones of access and activity without visually separating one space from another. Frameless doors into the two lobbies, and shadow-gap skirting kept visual clutter to a minimum. A continuous light timber floor provides a feeling of brightness, and a consistent palette of walnut, dark ironmongery, light stone and glass means the apartment feels elegant and peaceful.

Two bedrooms feed off either side of the main space. Once again joinery units are used to give focus to each room, minimising partitions and keeping the flow continuous between the spaces. Level changes within the apartments are used to define each bedroom. To ensure maximum light is achieved in the master bedroom, large reeded-glass doors separated the bedroom from the ensuite. This borrowed light made both rooms feel larger and brighter – a key requirement from the Client.