Stockwell Park Road

Proposal for Network homes for 20 residential units divided over four stories with generous community gardens in Stockwell Park Road. Our winning proposal was not only to create a design that would be at the heart of this regeneration area and act as a building of marked quality but also to become a new backdrop to a series of community gardens for the wider estate.

The building block is cut into to orientate the openings of the building towards South and reduce overlooking to the existing properties around the site.

The palette of materials for the building is then kept very simple as to not over complicate and detract from its key components, utilising brickadework, simple metal balustrades and metal framed windows. Overall, it will be a distinctive and unique piece of architecture which clearly stands out as a new approach within its existing context.

Our proposals will give back part of the site to the community creating a communal garden to the rear of the site which is open to the public and allows existing desire lines across the site to be retained. We have also proposed a green or brown roof owing to their environmental and advantages to nature, as well as aid in the visual extension of the garden square.

We have also allowed for a good mix of units including private amenity space, including gardens on the ground floor and balconies on first to third floors. Fourth floor apartments will also benefit from larger terraces, providing a more premium offer for these units.