Silk Mill

Tigg + Coll Architects are currently working on a refurbishment for 'NOVEL STUDENT' accommodation in Edinburgh inspired by the old Silk Mill located close to the site.

Tigg + Coll designed the interiors of the amenity spaces to a new student accommodation building in Edinburgh. This includes the entrance lounge and genius bar at ground floor, with a range of social spaces including a lounge, breakfast bar area, private dining room, as well as shared study lounges and meeting rooms. On the lower ground floor, a bar and gaming lounge was created for students to socialise and hold events, with a karaoke/screening room.

The interior scheme was developed referencing the former Silk Mill that was located close to the site. The key design move is the feature silk ‘loom’ that weaves through the building above the amenity space- a continuous, dynamic steel structure from which lighting is hung, with coloured cords that weave through the spaces and run down walls and into joinery at key moments, tying the spaces together and guiding you through the building.
The feature bar has similar metalwork that integrates lighting and shelving, connecting the booth seating area to the central bar joinery.