Screen House

A re-working of a substantial family home in Kensington to bring transparency, modernity and clarity of living space to the neo Victorian property

As a response to a relatively compact footprint the internal partitions were removed to create a free-flowing raised ground floor plan incorporating the principal living areas and form a heart to the home. Glass screens were carefully designed and placed to visually slide past each other to create division yet still allow light and glimpses through to retain a sense of the entire space. Fluted glass was also incorporated to provide separation and privacy from the front entrance.

A new oak clad staircase slips past the glazed screen to carry you up to the first floor and spacious Master suite and then a soft but striking oak balustrade is introduced to continue up to the upper floors ensuite bedrooms.

The Master Suite occupies the entire first floor, where sliding and pocket doors were utilised to again allow the flow and connection of space but simultaneously articulate the separate functions of the room from sleeping to study to dressing and bathing.

The lower ground floor incorporates a large family room with full height and width minimally framed glazing to the rear to visually extend the room out into the garden. Exposed steelwork in a muted tone frames and divides the room and forms an edge to the central hearth.

The palette is created from simple basic architectural materials of wood, steel and glass but used in softened forms of fluted glass to scalloped oak contrasted against exposed painted steel to create an individual contemporary home.