Nido, West Hampstead

Extensions and renovation to the existing common spaces and student rooms at Nido West Hampstead to provide a more considered scheme

The existing building suffers from an overly complicated palate of materials, a lack of articulation at roof level and an unconvincing design that the LPA were keen for Tigg + Coll to resolve for the whole development.

The proposal looks to unite these numerous elements to create a more coherent overall scheme, and to resolve how the top storeys terminate to create a more convincing design.

Roof extensions have been added to the south, east and northwest blocks, to greater express how the upper façade sections end, and to provide additional student accommodation, freeing up more residential property in the area.

The solution required two differing approaches to the differing architectural elements on the site. To resolve the problem of terminating the top of the red brick façade, the vertical elements have been extended upwards to create the impression of a double height floor, differentiating this from the rest of the façade. This was then continued in iterative form throughout the main façade treatment. In contrast, the proposal for the dark section called for a "domestic" response above the existing building, giving the impression of a dormer roof.

Internally the common spaces enfold across 3 levels to host a cafe bar, library and lounge, karaoke room and secret launderette, the integrated work and social spaces which are framed by an overall aesthetic of historic light-industrial detail and a rich colour palette.

Referencing the eclecticism of Victorian England, and drawing on the spirit of invention and the potential of discovery, the renovation of Nido West Hampstead embraces the historical influences of the area without slavishly recreating history.

Conceived as a Victorian Glasshouse, a new events space and bar projects into the existing courtyard, integrating the outdoor private courtyard.

During the Victorian era, The ‘Glasshouse’ evolved from a space to grow exotic plants and fruits, to a space of recreation; a place to study, relax and entertain. The Glasshouse at West Hampstead provides a dramatic backdrop to engaging events, with exposed structural steel and timber purlins introducing depth and texture to the recently completed student accommodation.