Nairobi Villas Kenya

Concept design for a sustainable community in Nairobi, Kenya, including ten villas and connected community centre.

Weather shelter and high security have been the key requirements in the brief. The design aims to provide a good sense of enclosure and security while still connecting with surrounding nature.

The proposed layered floor plates and roofs generate interesting inside-outside spaces providing covered external areas that can overlook the landscape while being shield from the intense sun and raining season. Variations on the floor plan can create dynamic double height spaces that loom up to the surrounding views.

The proposed would give the owner a sense of safety and peace of mind, while still providing a comfortable, enjoyable home to live in. Protection will be achieved by security screens that can slide back into the adjacent walls, when being unused.

By using a combination of raw and refined materials, the spaces create a sense of both luxury and authenticity. Living requirements and habits of the possible end user have also been integrated in the design, such as daily rituals and the digress of public, semi-private and private spaces.