Malbrook Road

Rear extension and refurbishment to Putney family home

The overall architectural concept for the project was to create a 'pavilion' neatly linking house and garden elements, framing views out onto the garden, whilst at the same time relating glazed areas to the position of the sun throughout the day. This resulted in a nuanced play of solid and void rather than just creating an elevation of pure glass onto the garden.

Rather than simply having a seamless interior/exterior we chose to emphasize the threshold details with flush brick framing. The act of being able to ‘dissappear’ the galzed sliding doors completely adds to the drama of the new space and its relationship to the garden.

The faceted shape of the extension subtly mimics the original Victorian roofscape of the main house and therefore offsets successfully against the regular orthogonal form of the building behind and therefore avoiding being too blunt and predictable