Luttrell Avenue

Extension and refurbishment of 5 bedroom family house, including construction of new staircase.

Tigg + Coll were approached to extend and reconfigure a dilapidated existing Edwardian house to create an open plan Family home. The project was in effect a whole house refurbishment including a fibonacci staircase set in three storey-glazed atrium

The ground floor was extended significantly to the rear and only the front Reception room was retained in its original form as a formal reception. The rear of the house in contract was opened up to include a living/dining/kitchen and playroom. The existing tight staircase was removed and a new curved stair created to flow down into the family space on the ground floor at the heart of the home. These show the feature staircase that formed the centre piece to the project, and which was based on the Golden Spiral of the Fibonnaci sequence. This meant a long and sometimes difficult detailing and construction process – but we think the end result was worth it.

A new upper section of the staircase was added to connect the third floor above the main staircase and create a triple height space, emphasised with a full height window to bring in natural daylight both to help accentuate the verticality of the space but also bring natural daylight into the spaces beyond.