Gas Holder Retrofit

The design for a new apartment building to sit inside the world’s largest and arguably London’s most iconic Gas Holder. The listed structures are to be re-purposed by a well-known national housebuilder to become a new residential quarter adjacent to a cricket ground.

The masterplan unlocks the gas works for the first time in over 150 years, creating new connections for the wider community. The regeneration will create over 1,300 new homes, with over a thousand job opportunities and apprenticeships as well as shops, restaurants, parks and offices.

At the centre of this new district will sit the remaining gas holder - the world’s largest - which will be repurposed to hold a new residential building.

The design of this new insertion has been driven by the existing gas holder in order to define its scale, proportion and materiality, whilst as the frame is a faceted structure our proposals seek to embrace this as an architectural approach to define the form of the new insertion. Through following these key principals, a common language therefore created to unify the existing gas holder and the proposals to create a single building which responds to the human scale and its users’ needs whilst producing a key building to the site and wider area.