Finsbury Circus

Design proposal for Finsbury Circus Gardens & Pavilion in collaboration with Muldoon landscape architects

The proposal aims to reflect on the site’s historical origins, re-introducing the memory of the lost Walbrook river and the journey of water across the site, however this time it is celebrated through its various stages of transformation. Each element laid upon the surface will build the narrative of water collected, retained, released, and filtrated.

1 – Collected- The roof to the pavilion is our water source where collection become transference

2 - Retained -Moving water and retaining wall meet allowing for the creation of our water garden

3 - Released -Rills are used to create natural furrows where water can be seen to move across the landscape and where visitors can observe or playfully move with or across.

4 – Returned -The final state of water, refreshed by the water flow through the rills and sitting tight to the edge of the renewed perimeter walk.

Pavilion and landscape are crafted together - to create cause and effect. By reintroducing this dynamic, we can reveal the transference of water across the site and understand the ecological significance.

Sited at the highpoint of the circus, our pavilion acts as the source and provides for the landscape. The elegant roof form acting as a dynamic water collector and enclosure, it also provides a gateway and marker point to the northern entrance to the landscape.

We see our pavilion reflecting both the practicality of the leaf but also its delicacy and complexity in form. A visitor to the pavilion would be able to feel the immediacy and importance of its relationship with water both visually and audibly whilst seeing the tree canopy above from within.

We see our materiality as being one of nature, the layering of rammed earth, the filigree of woven timber, wicker reeds and a lightness of spirit. A place for informal enjoyment and shelter in rain or sun or a visceral backdrop for larger gatherings in happier times.