Acton Arts

We have been given the opportunity to reactivate the Old Acton Library after more than five years since its doors were closed to the public.

The proposed design acknowledges the important Heritage of the site, while brings a combination of vibrant appealing spaces that will improve Acton’s local community life.

Old Acton Library is a Grade II listed building with a red-brick ornate façade fronting Acton High Street. The proposal is to revive the unused building as a community arts hub connecting local people and businesses to help in the regeneration of the borough.

By using some strategically localized double height areas, a more fluid relation between programs will be achieved; The characteristic front round window will lean out the space, as the main existing feature, strengthening the Old Library building identity. The program includes two cinemas, a Ground floor Bar/café in the street frontage and creative workstations in the upper floors.