20 November 2018

X. Future Works: Our next chapter

Future works – Our next chapter

If the last 10 years have been an intense exploration of different design typologies and ideas, we do not see this letting up in the next ten. As our experience and our confidence grows into bridging different typologies, we want to continue to challenge ourselves and our clients to explore and search for better resolved and considered spaces both environmentally, technically and aesthetically.

We have some existing projects and ideas that continue to expand our knowledge and understanding of the built environment but also opportunities for us to learn from both clients, colleagues and friends of the practice. This series of projects give an interesting cross-section of conceptual thinking and design development we are progressing in the studio at the moment.


The drawing board at TCA remains as busy as ever in this department as we continue to explore the possibilities of expressive, contextual design for both mixed-use development and more traditional residential led development works.


Our hard-earned experience in understanding how young people live and work has progressed the specific field of education environments in its multiple forms.

Two key projects that we have on the drawing board at the moment are a new college concept for further education in Westminster and at the other end of the scale, a post-graduate incubator space in the City of London to create a tangible link between the ‘ivory tower’ of university thought and the world of work and commercially viable ideas. Both projects need pragmatic usable spaces but also have a very aspirational perspective.


We have been fortunate enough to be working both throughout London and nationally with a number of development agencies on their new and existing student spaces.

Most recently we are designing a range of co-living and co-working spaces in London, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Cambridge with more to come. It is an exciting time for the studio as we have the opportunity to develop designs that have meaning for specific local communities and urban environments meaning our output can remain varied, exciting and most importantly inspiring.


As we look forward to both the design development and completion of our projects for end users we are always hugely grateful and feel privileged that we continue to have the opportunity to work hard with our clients to develop and deliver ideas for family homes both in London and across the UK.

In the coming months and years, we are excited about the range of different homes on the drawing board. We never want to repeat the same idea twice and as with all our projects the spirit of architectural ‘belong’ is key to the success of each opportunity no matter how big or small. We see the home as something special and as individual as each of our clients we work with.