25 March 2019

Site Progress - Bayswater College

The project for the refurbishment of Bayswater College on Queensway has been ongoing since September.

The college provides courses in English language and social enterprise based on their 1-4-1 ethos: for every student educated on one of their courses in London, another is educated in that student’s home country. Bayswater College were therefore looking to rebrand, and their 1950s building was in need of rejuvenation including new electrical installation, upgraded sanitaryware and internal and external redecoration.

With a very tight budget, the primary objective was to upgrade the original steel framed single glazed windows. While a feature of the existing building, the windows had been overpainted on multiple occasions meaning some no longer closed. They also did not offer adequate acoustic and thermal insulation from the outside. We proposed new aluminium framed double glazed windows, to replicate the existing opening arrangement and sizes. These are currently being installed.

The stair core acts as the main focal point connecting each floor. The existing terrazzo staircase is being cleaned and polished and the existing steel curtain walling redecorated. The Bayswater College brand is characterised by bright colours and bold symbols, we are using ‘muted brights’ based on these brand colours to create an identity for each floor. The transition between colours takes place in the staircase, along with some much-needed signage and graphics for identifying the floors. These colours are continued into the communal areas, with the bold branding posters contrasting with the muted wall colours.

The four communal areas each have different functions in the college; the 4th floor is a more playful atmosphere, with table football and informal seating; the 3rd floor for relaxing and socialising with the original parquet flooring and comfortable furniture in a mid-century style; the 2nd floor a kitchenette canteen for eating and socialising. The first floor communal and reception spaces showcase the brand identity, including areas for socialising, relaxing and studying. This floor is currently under construction, as seen in the photos opposite.

We proposed a neutral colour scheme for the classrooms, creating two datum lines: one which serves as a protection to the walls from the classroom chairs and another by painting out the ceiling and concrete frame in dark grey at high level to heighten the room. Each classroom will have a new interactive TV, coloured notice boards and blackout blinds.