22 July 2019

Isleworth Planning Submitted

Planning permission has been submitted for Rennel’s Way, a vacant site which currently forms a part of the Metro Industrial Centre, an inward-looking industrial estate, which lacks cohesion with the surrounding area. We have strategically placed the residential and commercial uses to tackle these existing connectivity issues, improving site permeability and the public realm.

Across the lower levels circa 670sqm of new commercial space will open out onto the street, creating an active frontage and enlivening the pedestrian routes through the site. The high-quality office space will be suitable for local business requirements and will deliver some 80 new jobs in the area.

Excellent external amenity space has also been provided in excess of policy standards. Including a communal roof terrace, as well as a new landscaped pedestrian street and children’s play area at ground level which have been developed in collaboration with adjoining developments to ensure cohesion across the redevelopment of this area.

Both buildings will play a transformative role on the public realm with façade perforations, open corners, balconies and commercial frontages, providing transparency and overlooking to create safer pedestrian-friendly areas with activity and natural surveillance.

The elemental nature of the façade is expressed through the clear reading of the floor plates supported on solid masonry piers. This primary horizontal reading of the building is emphasised through a double soldier course detail. Setting back from this, the stepped detailing of the vertical piers then creates a sense of solidity and mass while creating depth and a richness of detail with full height glazing articulating to break each pier and provide natural light into the apartments.

The choice of materials and finishes references the industrial heritage of the site while addressing the new developments due to be constructed to the east of the site and the building’s wider context. A mix of deep red and burgundy brickwork and rich red perforated metal reflect the previous industrial nature of the site whilst these materials have been treated through their articulation in such a way to give these a residential feel which is comfortable at a human scale.