17 September 2018

I. Design: A House for Agnes

I. Design - A House for Agnes

Typology: Home

Completion: 2014

Size: 2,500sqft

Client: Tigg + Coll Architects

A House for Agnes was where it all began for Tigg + Coll. It was our first real chance to say something about ourselves and the practice – how did we want to be perceived? A very tricky question to answer with a small budget and a first baby on the way, giving us a very fixed deadline.

Inspiration and ideas were boundless, coupled with the excitement of buying a house untouched for 60 years. We knew that this was our first big opportunity to bring a practical outcome to the hyperbole of architectural philosophy at Tigg + Coll.

The ambition was to combine and enhance the original features and character of the property with new contemporary additions to bring a sense of playfulness and expression to the home. The new addition of a basement level to the property with front light well and the extensive reworking to the rear at ground, first and second floors had to be done in a conservation area, where the materiality of the existing largely defined the form of the extensions.

The new lowered floor level to the rear extension increased the sense of volume, allowing light to penetrate deeper into the house, creating a separation of space and a cosiness for the living room. To add interest, we were keen to expose and express the structure of the extension rather than concealing it. This playfully highlights the width of the room in a luminous electric red finish. It creates an active reference point that links all the living spaces together. The new wood-burning fireplace also follows this vein, the concrete cantilevered plinth creates a hearth which extends to form a seat and shelf as a contemporary inglenook in the heart of the home.