10 June 2020

House for Theo + Oskar shortlisted for the RIBA Regional Awards!

Excited to announce that our House for Theo + Oskar has been shortlisted for the RIBA Regional Awards for the South East region!

Following a successful national competition win Tigg + Coll were engaged to develop designs to consider the complex needs of a young family in Surrey. Oskar and Theo are two young boys that suffer from Duchenne muscular dystrophy and as result their needs will dramatically change over time. The home was in drastic need of overall refurbishment so the consideration of both the existing home and how the building layout and envelope can interact and help with the families challenging needs was essential.

Tigg + Coll responded to the brief by understanding how the condition will affect the children over time, including their mobility and how they interact with their environment. Alongside this the boundary between inside and outside was blurred by introducing large scale, openable glazing, which would link the inside with the rear garden. Internally the series of spaces are broken down and adaptable by the clever use of sliding screens and folding partitions. This pragmatic approach, coupled with the more prosaic response to the beautiful garden creates a more open, interconnected design.

Read the full article here: Tigg + Coll Architects' House for Theo and Oskar gives boys free movement and garden views | RIBAJ